HandyLight presents the 1st system / tool / device that allows you to report your invisible disability


"make visible what is not"

It's very simple : the system signals and alerts other users that the person using it is affected by an invisible disability, whatever it may be.

It adapts to different types of disabilities

Motor disability, Visual problem, Hearing impaired – Deafness, Spoken sign language, Disabling illnesses, Cognitive disability, Mental disability.

HandyLight adapts very easily to several types of vehicles but also to all people with invisible disabilities: on clothing, a backpack, luggage, a cane, a bag, a bag, etc… (non-exhaustive list)

No tools needed. Installation is very simple. It is easy to handle.

Photo ©Théma, system user​

The HandyLight device allows (among other things) to:

#Report the presence of a disability
#Alert other users
#Facilitate understanding
#Secure your travels
#Talk about disability
#Avoiding conflicts or accidents : prevention
#Generate a form of kindness
#Improving cohabitation between able-bodied AND disabled people
#Make it easier to get through queues
#Clear up misunderstandings
#Stop justifying yourself

It is visible day or night, lit or not.

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