About me




– 50-year-old man, living in Paris, with an “invisible” motor disability.

– Inventor & creator of the HandyLight system and the company of the same name.

– Thanks: Alexander, Angela, T.

– Production: Sébastien, Stéphane, Jean-Michel.

“I have an “invisible” disability with motor and balance problems, due to a neurological disease. I can only move around with a cane or on a scooter (my rolling walker) for longer periods of time. distances.

Since I created and used this tool, everything has become easier. Cars stop at pedestrian crossings and let them pass. This makes life easier in queues…

People are attentive and react accordingly, in a positive way (most of the time) ^^
Also, I no longer have to constantly justify my sick status and
disabled by taking out my disability card and that changes EVERYTHING.”